Chewey's Salon Chair

Chewey’s Salon Chair #23 (22 in the Intro!) – SSUSA 2022 Recap with Chewey, Spinner, Sov, Brecca and Shannon

It’s over, done, finished, go home ! SSUSA Decorah has been tucked away into the archives.Spinner and Chewey are joined by Deer stop troubadour Sov, Registration Queens Brecca and Shannon, with a brief visit by […]

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Cycling #164 – Chewey – Decorah Time Trials – Seeley Dave – Hungry Bear 100 – Equity Rides

Show #164 Talkin’ Schmack RW24 registration at Black Husky Sunday! Want to tour a WWII submarine in Manitowoc? –  FTTM 2022 – Milwaukee Shop of Horrors – June 18th –  Dino’s Wednesday with […]

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Cycling #160 – 32nd State Capital with Big Sexy and a Call-in from Chewey

Show #160 Talkin’ Schmack Microshift launching a 1x drivetrain for 20 inch and up wheels. Geared bmx anyone?  Sea Otter musings? Show Guest – Chewey Sea Otter thoughts? Framed Alaskan and Bob Trailer […]