Chewey’s Salon Chair #23 (22 in the Intro!) – SSUSA 2022 Recap with Chewey, Spinner, Sov, Brecca and Shannon

It’s over, done, finished, go home ! SSUSA Decorah has been tucked away into the archives.
Spinner and Chewey are joined by Deer stop troubadour Sov, Registration Queens Brecca and Shannon, with a brief visit by world renowned tender Brandon. We go back to our final resting place each night, the Haymarket to compile the stories from this crazy event.

This podcast will require a Busch Lite or ten to get through it. As always, enjoy!

Chewey’s Backyard Bike Party Pre-race Gathering
Your 2022 SSUSA Hosts, Chewey and Spinner
The return of Sov!