Chewey’s Salon Chair #4 – The Aftermath of the Decorah Time Trials

May 15th marked the 1st Annual Decorah Time Trials Reunio and in the aftermath Chewey, Sven, Captain and Zeigle sat down in Captain’s palatial kitchen to whip up this here podcast for your ear listening pleasure.

After querying several of the original racers who showed up for the reunion we pegged the first Decorah Time Trials Mountain Bike Event aways back in 1990.

True to its roots, the 2021 edition was run in Twin Springs park where the approximately 1.1 mile course is pretty much up the side of the bluff and back down. At 200 to 250 vertical feet this is a steep course!

Spinner on course.
Furhmann hits a good line.
Patrick Zeigle
Jeff O’Gara wins again!
Libby was the Lady’s winner and the 5th fastest overall, if I remember correctly!
Chewey captured the coveted DFL and earned a buck for his troubles
Rudy didn’t race but he sure is a good dog, such a good dog!
SOV is an eBike guy!
My borrowed steed for the weekend, a Handsome Cycles Shop Bike
Captain’s Otso fatbike
Deke had this Teesdale-built Ralph MTB from about 1995.
The old Topling Goliath Tap Room is now Dixie’s. Good place for a food truck and a brew.