Full Spectrum Cycling #179 – Chewey’s SSUSA Quick Report – Wednesday Fatbike Frames at the Shoppe

Show #179 – From the Everyday Cycles White Room With Black Curtains Podcast Studio, join Sven, JK and Tony as they welcome a call-in from Chewey with a preliminary report on the recent SSUSA event in Decorah, IA

O’Gara and Brian Furhmann at SSUSA – Photo from Gunnar

Show Guest – Chewey SSUSA reporting

  • They’s doing a podcast too
  • No Dirty?

Show Beer – Surly Logic Bomb (Repeat, Repeat Offender)

Shit Worth Doin’

  • August 28th – 7th Annual Chris Kegel Foundation Slow Roll – Milwaukee, WI
  • September 17th – Steel is Real Milwaukee??
  • November 12th – 13th – Single Speed Texas – (New Date! Again!) https://www.facebook.com/SingleSpeedTexas/ 
2022 Surly Wednesday Frame


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