Chewey’s Salon Chair #35 – Milwaukee Trip – MN HS MTB – Osage Fatoberfest – Rochester Trail Rampage

Look at this!! We are almost a regular show now (not really). On this podcast  Jeremy Williams stops out (he’ll do anything for free beer). Jeremy is filling in for Kayla who can’t talk and Brad who had a last minute gig. Jeremy and I talk Minnesota High School Mountain Bike racing, Fatoberfest in Osage IA and finally my favorite subject… “you can’t build that trail in my backyard”. I swear they do this just to watch me lose my shit.

Plus, I’ve already lined up people for next week’s podcast! Becca and Barrie ride out to talk Filthy Fifty Gravel ride.

Enjoy my pain!


Fatoberfest Osage

Jeremy in Chewey’s Salon Chair
Pizza at Spinner’s