Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Cycling #164 – Chewey – Decorah Time Trials – Seeley Dave – Hungry Bear 100 – Equity Rides

Show #164 Talkin’ Schmack RW24 registration at Black Husky Sunday! Want to tour a WWII submarine in Manitowoc? – https://www.wisconsinmaritime.org  FTTM 2022 – Milwaukee Shop of Horrors – June 18th – https://www.fattiretour.com  Dino’s Wednesday with […]

Full Spectrum

Full Spectrum Cycling #160 – 32nd State Capital with Big Sexy and a Call-in from Chewey

Show #160 Talkin’ Schmack Microshift launching a 1x drivetrain for 20 inch and up wheels. Geared bmx anyone? https://bikepacking.com/plog/reflections-on-sea-otter-2022/  https://fat-bike.com/2022/04/2022-uk-fat-bike-championships/  Sea Otter musings? Show Guest – Chewey Sea Otter thoughts? Framed Alaskan and Bob Trailer […]

Chewey's Salon Chair

Chewey’s Salon Chair #6 – Arizona Beer Century

This episode of Chewey’s Salon Chair is combined from two parts of an interview Chewey did with last winter’s Beer Century in Arizona participants included Scandinavian Jesus, Nebraska Scott, Dirty and Princess.