Coming Soon! Rohloff 170mm Fat-bike Speedhub XL


Now it is official! We got the info below directly from Rohloff and after receiving it I also contacted Neil and Phil from Cycle Monkey, the US Authorized Service Center for Rohloff for their thoughts and some pix.

First from Rohloff:

Rohloff AG is pleased to announce our intention of adding a new SPEEDHUB 500/14 to our range in the very near future.

We have managed to develop a means of extending the SPEEDHUB 500/14 axle to a width of 170mm without negatively influencing the proven shifting performance. The wider “SPEEDHUB 500/14 XL” has already passed laboratory tests and the availability of production hubs is planned to coincide with Eurobike 2014.

Neil from Cycle Monkey added some details:

  • Internals are the same as the existing Speedhub, only the Hubshell changes plus a 35mm internal axle spacer
  • Black only initially
  • Black 32 hole only initially
  • 170mm OLD
  • 93mm flange spacing
  • Same 100mm spoke hole diameter
  • 71.5 standard chainline
  • Available with either a quick release axle or a threaded axle like the standard hubs (10mm diameter)
  • Same frame interface options – OEM or OEM2 axle plate
  • Somewhere around a 10% cost increase or about $160 in the US as the retile on the standard Speedhub is $1600.
  • A retrofit kit will be available for existing Speedhub owners, but I do not yet have details on pricing and availability. Existing hubs will have to be sent to Cycle Monkey for conversion.


Neil says:

We are very excited that the fatbike-specific Rohloff will soon be in production. Fatbikes are great for adventures and the Rohloff drivetrain has developed a reputation as the best option for rugged long distance rides, so it’s the perfect pairing. We’re glad that the durability and minimal-maintenance advantages of the Rohloff drivetrain will be available to more riders.

Neil added that they will be receiving test models very soon and expects production units to arrive about the end of August.

Bravo! I say. As a Rohloff fan myself I am really looking forward to building up a symmetrical fat-bike with this hub!




  1. Great! I have two fat bikes set up with Rohloff hubs and they are the ultimate if you ride true fat bike type conditions. This will open up many more frame options. Yes they are expensive, but add up all the break downs and cleaning time, you will be way happier and I think $ wise smarter. Only con to this hub is weight, but I will gladly pay that price. Aftter all it is a fat bike right?

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