Borealis 150mm Thru Axle Front Hub


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Aris has a RockShox Bluto on the way but the SRAM mothership was all out of compatible front hubs so all it took was a call to Adam at Borealis Bikes, problem solved! Adam sent us one of their new Borealis 150mm Thru Axle Front Hubs!

This isn’t simply a 135mm thru axle hub with longer end caps. Borealis took the opportunity to make the space between the flanges wider to give you a nearly dishless build for the strongest fat-bike wheel possible. The hub weighs in at 225g.

For you wheel builder types out there Greg from Borealis sent us this info on the hub:

  • 58mm Flange Diameter
  • 45mm Center to Flange Non-Drive Side
  • 47mm Center to Flange Drive Side

borealis-150-thru-axle-hub- 7

We are currently building this hub up with a 50mm Northpaw rim and will be adding the Bluto to our Suspension Shootout coming up soon.

With an MSRP of $169.00, the 150mm Borealis front hub is available now. Check with your local Borealis dealer for more info.

Note that we paid for this hub with our own cash but regardless, we will give an honest appraisal of any product we review.

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  1. I’m stoked to be getting one of these for my new Bluto. I’ll have the wheel and fork Sunday. I’m eagerly looking forward to it…

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