Weekly Dose of Fat – 6-7-14 – with Paul Ellis from HED – Show #7

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Weekly Dose of Fat for SATURDAY – June 7th, 2014 – Show #7


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We want to send out some healing vibes out to our amigo, Scott Quiring. Scott crashed his 29r trying to follow a fat bike and broke 8 ribs and his arm!

On this week’s Show:

  • We’ve got Colin Ford back in the studio
  • Paul Ellis from Hed tells us about his ethereal 9:Zero:7
  • We’ve got some new gear in the Test Kitchen
  • and what goes better with bikes than –  BEER!

What’s in the fat-bike radio cooler this week? New Holland Monkey King – Monkey King is a Farmhouse Ale – 6.6 % alchahooze and scores a 23 on the IBU test.

Hed Wheels Carbon Fiber opener will be a future prize for a contest.

Ad from the Old Familiar Comb Company. A real product that you can comb your beard with as well as open bottles! Stainless Steel, folks!

Special Guest

Sven and Gomez welcome Paul Ellis to the radio Program

Paul Bike Discussion

We discuss new fat-bike products from HED.

Tim from Reeb, radio promo

Test Kitchen

Sven talks about replacing his crank on the APe with a RaceFace Carbon SL.

Aris Peters raced the Borealis Echo that we’re testing in last week’s WORS race at The Battle of Camrock.

Finish line Interview with Aris

There’s photos of Aris racing the echo here – http://fat-bike.com/2014/06/borealis-echo-battle-of-camrock-race-test/

Sven goes on a quest for the perfect beach riding shoe.

Gomez is looking at more Paul Components Light Mounts

Gomez Rides a Sarma Shaman fat-bike in Michigan.  Look for a story next week about this new player in the fat-carbon quiver killer category.

We got in a Borealis 150mm front hub for Aris’ Bluto fork that we did a First Look article on last week.

The 45 NRTH Dillinger five (front) and Vee Tire Bulldozer (Rear) is really working very well out in the field for Gomez

Sven headed up to ZuZu Pedals just off the beach in Port Washington to check out the inexpensive SE F@ fat-bike.

Next week on the radio program we welcome Eric Sovern from Surly Bikes!

Thank you again to our show sponsor Surly Bikes – Makers of the Pugsley, Moonlander, Krampus and coming later this summer, The Ice Cream Truck