Full Spectrum Cycling – Chewey’s Salon Chair Takeover – Fat Bike Birkie 2022

Sven welcomes Chewey, Spinner and Kayla to the table at Seeley Dave’s Seeley Podcast Palace in Seeley, WI shortly after the 10th running of the Fat Bike Birkie Fatbike race in Cable, WI. Listen in as Spinner and Kayla relate their race experiences and learn how not to get kicked out of the race by doing the opposite of what Chewey did!

Check out Sven’s photos from the 2022 Fat Bike Birkie 47K race!

Kayla attempts to highlight Chewey’s shoulder separation.
Spinner ponders, “Did I just race 47K, in below zero temps, in shorts?
The lead group with eventual winner, Corey Stelljes, and 3rd place finisher, Will Ross from Anchorage, AK.