First Look – TRP Spyke Mechanical Disc Brakes

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Mark Peterson and I were at Saddle Drive a couple of weeks ago and met up with David from TRP who showed us an intriguing new mechanical brake called the Spyke. David set up Mark with a set to test so let’s see what the Spyke is all about!

With the designation “proto type 01” on them it is worth noting that these are pre-production test models but represent a lot of what this brake will be in its final form.

First up we’ll take a look at the basics and then Mark gets into the initial installation and test rides.

TRP Spyke Brake

  • Mechanical dual piston mountain bike disc brake
  • Dual 3mm allen screw pad adjustment
  • Tuned for mountain brake lever pull ratio (Long pull levers)
  • Includes: Brake caliper, disc rotor and mounting hardware
  • Retail: $99.99
  • Levers are available separately.

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Here is Mark’s report of the initial installation.

The installation was very easy and only took 30-45 min. There was no need for centering washers on the mounting posts and the brakes centered, due to the dual actuation on the pistons, right out of the gate.

Tuning the brakes was very straight forward and easy. A couple trips around the block with a few stopies and they were dialed for trail use.

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The look of the brakes is clean and stylish.

On my Moonlander the TRP Spyke presented a tight squeeze to get the 4.8” tire off. Unfortunately, the cable clamp position directs the cable end into the rotor. I just bent the cable end away from any entanglement and it was fine.

The first thing that stood out to me on the initial rides is the modulation at the brake lever. It feels more like a hydraulic brake than a cable actuated brake. The modulation is much better than my BB7’s and has a smooth feel.

On my first trail test I pushed the brake fairly hard and it performed as well as my BB7’s if not better. Like any new Disk brakes there is a break in period where brake material is deposited into the rotor, so I expect the performance will only get better. I have high hopes for this brake and I love how they feel. We will take a look at these again a bit further down the trail!

trp-spyke-mechanical-brake- 311

So, being a prototype, albeit a pretty well finished one, these look like a good option for fat-bike riders who like the security and easy maintenance of a mechanical disc brake.


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  1. I find it strange that they were showing off preproduction prototypes at Saddle drive. On their Facebook page they say that these brakes have been available since June 23. It seems, however, that these brakes can only be purchased via their website.

  2. Just rode my Spyke brakes for the first time today and loved them. Great stopping power and modulation felt responsive as well. I feel like these brakes can be ridden in the summer months and the coldest of cold without issues.

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