Weekly Dose of Fat – 8-1-14 – with Greg Matyas – Show #15


Weekly Dose of Fat – Friday August First, 2014 – Show #15


This week’s show is sponsored by Surly and Wednesday’s older brother –  Pugsley

Beer Segment

This week’s beer is New Glarus Brewing’s Two Women

Becker Bags Ad

Greg Matyas Interview

The Weekly Dose

Ritchey Carbon Bull Moose bar/stem

SSWC Anchorage Story

New Bike – TWIN SIX – Standard Fat – Ti with Carbon Fork

Stories from the Coast Kid’s blog

The guys at Cycle Monkey have an article on Belt Drive vs Chain Drive and the Pros and Cons of both

Check in with our friend Joboo as he exposes his youth to fat-bike beach riding

Death Rider’s blog report on the Duluth Fat-bike Tour that we mentioned a few shows back.

Dog days of Summer Fat Foto/ Video/Lotto Contest – The secret word is Yodel

Gomez chats with two members of the Bike Black Ribbon Society about Gnome-Fest Eleven

GnomeFest 11 – Event Page – https://www.facebook.com/events/609196459173133/

GnomeFest 11 – Registration – https://www.bikereg.com/gnome-fest-11

Tom Teesdale – RIP

Thanks to our sponsors. The one and only – bad to the bone – funk soul brothers – of surly bikes.

Thanks to all of you for listening and thanks to our special guests Greg Matyas from Fatback bikes and los vatos del gnombres Cale and Spinner!

Tune into next week’s show, when we’ll have special guests Brant and/or Jesse from Twin Six along with all of the hottest news products and events from the fat-bike world!

Say, Bye!

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