A Roundup of 20 and 24-inch Fatbikes for Kids and Adults of Small Stature

Maybe you are a parent looking for a fat-bike for your kid, possibly your significant other is a person of small stature, untall if you will. Or maybe, just maybe, it is time for you to treat yourself to a fat-bike. With the holidays on the way, and the giving season close at hand, lets take a look at some of the fat-bikes available in smaller sizes.

Not all of these are going to be available in all markets. Your best bet is to check with your local bike shop for most of these. Some you can find online though. If you find an available fat-bike in your market that we haven’t listed, how about leaving a link in the comments to help other folks out.

Prices, if shown, are US Retail unless otherwise noted.


Specialized Fatboy 24” – $1000.00 
24×4” Specialized Ground Control tires, Aluminum frame, SRAM X4 9-speed, 4 colors


Specialized Fatboy 20” – $1000.00
20×4” Specialized Ground Control tires, Aluminum frame, SRAM X4 9-speed, 4 colors


Framed Mini-Sota 2.0 – $$649.95
24×4” Minnesota fatbike tires, Aluminum frame, SRAM X5 9-speed, 2-colors


Framed Wolftrax Alloy Compact – $1049.00
24×4” Minnesota fatbike tires, Aluminum frame, SRAM X5 1×10 drivetrain, 2-colors


Trek Farley 24 – $1149.99 
24×4” wheels, Aluminum frame, Shimano 9-speed


Norco Bigfoot 4.3 – $860.00
24×4” wheels, Aluminum frame


On-One Fun-Fatty – $961.32 (Converted from British Pounds)
24×4”wheels, Aluminum frame, 1×10 SRAM drivetrain, Hydraulic disc brakes, UK brand.


Felt Cruncher 20
20×4” wheels, Aluminum frame, low standover.


Felt Cruncher 24
24×4” wheels, Aluminum frame, low standover.


Early Rider Trail Runner XL Balance Bike – $229.95
Available from REI, Treefort Bikesand Back County among others.


Mongoose 20 Massif – Around $200.00
20×4” wheels, Aluminum frame, 7-speed
Available at places like Kohl’s, Target and Walmart. Inexpensive but not bike shop quality.

If you own on of these models, or another 20″ or 24″ fat-bike shoot me a note to greg@fat-bike.com and let us know how you like it!


  1. You forgot about the new (just came out last week) Charge Cooker 24″ (as well as the 20″) I just picked up two for the price of one of most of those. You’d better be pretty sure your kid is into being out in the cold as much as you are, and $1,000+ is way too much to find out they aren’t.

    The Cooker is about $349 US, ($450 CAD) Much more reasonable, for a kids bike. We just picked them up, they’re pretty cool, 7 speed grip shift. The retailer upgraded the brakes to Avid BB5, he was a bit concerned the stock brakes weren’t going to be enough. The tires might be a little less than the stated 4″, but they resemble Vee Rubber Snowshoes, and have a great soft snow tire feel. I think for $350 any kid would be happy with that for Xmas.

    The one thing they don’t state in the specs anywhere and was the first thing we did, is the weight. They are a bit bulky, at 37lbs, but I think over time I can shave that down with some lighter parts, by comparison, my girlfriends Small Norco Bigfoot is 35lbs… so it will be a bit of a leg workout for the young lads, but try to remember how heavy our non-fat bikes were as kids… my 24″ Leader 5 speed was deep into the 40’s of lbs.

    Worth checking out. Charge in North America is sold under Cannondale FYI.

  2. I went for the Stampede (formerly TykesBykes) 20″ Kids Fat Bike. 33lbs stock on my scale. 6061 frame; steel fork, trigger shifter, same disc brakes as the mongoose.

    • How are you linking the Tykesbyke (Stampede) fat tire? I was thinking about getting it for my kids. We live in Anchorage and would like it for snow riding for them.

  3. I have a 20″ Charge Cooker for my son and a 24″ Cooker for my daughter. We have had them for a year this coming Christmas and have put miles on them all summer long. They totally love them and they really get big grins when we ride by other people and kids and hearing the kids yell out “MOM, LOOK AT THE HUGE TIRES ON THOSE BIKES”!! They’re pretty proud fatbikers!!

    We are in Canada and rode all over central Alberta, Rockies and out into Kettle valley trails this summer in BC. I had the kids on some long 25 to 35km rides and they just kept on going as long as they were watered and snacked up! :0)


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