Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #83 – Special Guest Nate Phelps

 Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 83 – Friday, December 4th, 2015


Two of your potentially favorite Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilots, Julio and Evan out on their test rigs, a Sarma Vortex and a Heller Bloodhound!

In the studio for this episode of the Weekly Dose of Fat it’s Sven and Gomez along with JK Livin’ and sitting in this week Mr. Spinner Ryerson.

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On the show this week

  • We Start the show with the Event of the Week
  • We welcome Nate Phelps to talk about Winter Rush Fat-bike race series and a bit about the 2017 Fat-bike Nats
  • Next Week’s secret word will be revealed ???
  • The first caller after 8:30 that tells us this week’s secret word wins a fabulous prize package!
  • We take calls from our listeners
  • We check in with the Fatty Farm Field Report


The Event of the week is the Rain, Sleet, Snow or Heat Fat Bike Race coming up on Saturday, December 19, 2015 in Cumming, IA at Maffitt Lake. Proceeds Benefit CITA (Central Iowa Trails Association)

 SPECIAL GUEST – Nate Phelps from Grand Rapids, MI talks about the Winter Rush Fat-bike race series and the 2017 Fat-bike Nats.

Fatty Farm Field Report

This week’s Fatty Farm Field Report is presented by 1 Up USA Racks – The best Fat-Bike Rack on the planet is made right here in Wisconsin. Visit www.winterrush.com for more information about the series.

Chattin’ with Spinner Ryerson…

Weekly Contest winner is Chris from Utah! He wins a prize package including an ABUS Messenger Backpack, a Chumba USA Hoodie (Men’s XL), a Portland Design Works (PDW) Winter Hat, a pair of 1UP USA Coozies, a Fat-bike.com Patch and, keeping with the Surly theme a couple of Surly Carpenter’s Pencils.

In our keep you safe segment of the show we’ve got this for you, if you own a 2015 Felt Double Double 30 fat-bike there is a recall that you should be aware of. Get over to your dealer for a potential problem with the carbon fibre seatpost. Some of those puppies are cracking!


GFBD Toys For Tots reminder and contest recap because next week we give away the prizes!

Fat-bike Links

Bruce shows a split tube tubeless setup.

and Winter comes to Scotland

as well as Sandstorms!

The Pie Burner in Photos

The boys from the Fat-bike Brigade

Got had at least $7000 for a fat bike check this out

This from Sarah Palin’s backyard.

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Join us next week when the question of the week is – Who is your favorite Bike Black Ribbon Test Pilot?

Say, Bye!