Full Spectrum Cycling – RW24 Radio, Radio Checkpoint – Second Hour Interviews

These are the interviews from the second hour of the Radio, Radio Bonus Checkpoint at the top of Reservoir Park in Milwaukee during this year’s Riverwest 24. Sven, JK, Tony and The Full Spectrum Cycling Podcast hosted the event and this year with hundreds of Bonus Checkpoint validations as well as 16 interviews. Listen to the interviews from the first hour of the RW24 Radio, Radio Checkpoint here!

Second Hour Guest Interviews:

#1 – Dave Lunz – (Ken’s Salty Nuts) and Jim Frantzen – (Ken’s Salty Nuts)

#2 – Joe Milton (Bobby, Bobby, Bobby) and Anna Wanderer (Zen Zone)

#3 – Sean (Fates of Death) and Sam

#4 – Brad and Laura (Ride the Rail Meat)

#5 – Dawn – (For Eddie) and Christi (Judo Tits)

#6 – Zeke (Daredevil Butterflies) and Liz (Spokeman)

#7 – Sarah (Sudo Science) and Zaner (Moon Cycle Rites)

Apologies for any misspellings!