Full Spectrum Cycling #35 – Ian Klepetar from Bicycle Benifits is our in-studio guest!

Ian Klepetar, founder and owner of Bicycle Benifits and an active advocate of bicycling nationwide, joins Sven, JK and Tony at the Everyday Cycles Studio for rousing round of conversation about cycling and bike advocacy!

Ian and JK getting ready for Radio Magic!
Evan providing coffee at the Swing Park trailside pancake stop.
JK doing us proud!
This week’s show beer was Lakefront Brewery’s IPA.

Lakefront IPA has been a staple for us for many years. Most show nights are followed up with a stop at the Foundation just down the street for a tasty IPA or two. 6.6%ABV and an 89 at Beer Advocate rating this brew as Very Good. That said, it is one of my personal favorites and if you can every get a draught of the “Cask-conditioned” version I’d encourage you to have one as I consider that one of the best beers I’ve had the pleasure to drink!

In more beer news, bicycling friends and great beer makers, New Belgium, has been sold – https://www.denverpost.com/2019/11/19/new-belgium-brewing-sale-kirin/ – looks like a lot of folks at this employee-owned brewery will do well!

One more shot from the pancake stop ’cause I like the arty swing shot!
chumba use ursa major ad
Stock is running low, folks. Get in on this special while they are still around!
Some beautiful fall days riding this past week. Can’t quite see it but the Milwaukee River was frozen over! Bring on the ice! Well, it got warmer later in the week and we will have to wait a bit longer.

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Bicycle Bingo in Milwaukee!
Fat-bike racing in Rockford, IL!

One-of-a-kind demo model Schlick Cycles Northpaw available at Everyday Cycles!

Join us next week as we talk to Surly Steel Force One demo fleet concierge, Aaron Domeier!

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  1. Love the Bad Brains T-Shirt! More punk rock is needed in fat biking. Keeps the blood and beer flowing on cold winter nights.

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