Full Spectrum Cycling #126 – Andrew Zahn in the Studio – Chewey and Spinner on the way to SSUSA

Show # 126 – Sven, JK and Tony are joined in studio by Andrew Zahn who chats about camping, 3D Printers and other worthy topics. Chewey calls in from the road while he and Spinner are on the way to Maine for SSUSA 2021.

Talkin’ Schmack

Bill’s Beer Garden Ride happened 8/14. It was a glorious day!

Show Guests – Andrew Zahn

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Show Beer – Horseshoes and Handgrenadeshttps://centralwaters.com/beer/hhg-pale-ale/

  • Inspired by the music of Wisconsin band Horseshoes & Hand Grenades, this Citra & Mosaic hopped Americana Pale Ale is best enjoyed with friends old and new while playing or dancing to your favorite tunes. Let’s make some memories today!
  • 5.40% ABV
  • 45 IBU
Miami Vice called, they want their shirt back!
Steel is Real 2021 – Milwaukee 8/28

Shit Worth Doin’

  • August 21st-22nd – Single Speed USAhttps://www.facebook.com/singlespeedusa/ 
  • August 28th – Steel is Real – Milwaukee – more to come!
  • September 10th-12th – Levis Mound Fat-Tire Festival set for at the Levis Trow Mountain Bike Trails! 
  • September 18th – Daikaiju at XRay Arcade – Milwaukee, WI
  • September 25th – Shawano, WI – 9th Annual Bike the Barn Quiltshttp://shawanopathways.org   

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Tony’s APe!


  • On the stand, The Last Medium, Purple APe that Teesdale Made. Likely going to Tony!
  • New Build – Large Schlick Tatanka, Orange.
  • Schlick Fatbikes
  • Chumba USA Stella Ti V3 Medium Demo
  • Teesdale Road Frame and Fork – 56cm – Currently bare frame ready for paint or powder
  • Roll C:1 British Racing Green – Large
  • A bunch of Schlick Growler (Zen Bicycle Fabrications AR 45) frames for custom builds – Al bought one!
  • 29+ Schlick Cycles frames for custom builds
  • Coming soon, maybe, a Small Chumba Ursa Major Fatbike if Sven can let it go.
  • Contact info@everydaycycles.com

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