ABUS Bordo Centium Folding Lock

We took a look at German lock maker ABUS’s Bordo Big a couple of years ago and were now we are looking at the Bordo Centium, a new lock in the Bordo line that in Abus’s words “goes beyond offering city level security and strives to be the most beautiful bike lock on the market.

The Bordo Centium lock, mount and keys.

Like other locks in the Bordo line the Centium is a foldable lock. The Centium has a 90cm circumference and can be folded up in a compact package that measures right about 8 inches long.

This is a “Premium” lock and the packaging shows it! The Centium comes in this sweet wood box that is hand-made in Germany by a local non-profit that teaches disabled residents a skill. I’ve got to figure out a use for it because it is too nice to toss!

The lock itself is made of temper-hardened steel bars and has a finish that has the feel of leather but is tough and easy on the paint of your bike.

The lock body is made from stainless steel.

For me the best use of this style lock is to lock the rear wheel buy looping the lock through the wheel and inside the rear triangle. By doing this, neither the rear wheel can be taken nor the frame.

If I’ve got the room I’ll add in a chain stay.

While I normally throw my lock in my Camlebak or Backpack because I ride multiple bikes and I am sure to forget a lock if I rely on a frame mount I can tell you that the mount is an improvement over the mount my daughter’s bike that came with her Bordo Lite Combo lock and makes removing the lock from smaller frames like her’s easier than in the past.

If you know me, you’ll know I am a Bordo fan having used a Combo version of the Bordo Lite for several years. That said, I’ve replaced the Lite in my bag with the Centium for the added security. (ABUS rates the Centium a 10 out of 15 while the Lite is rated a 6 out of 15). However, that security does come with a weight penalty. The Centium weighs 1084g for the lock only while the Combo Lite is a svelte 650g. One more benefit of the Centium is that it is slightly larger at 90cm vs 85cm on the lite. Ultimately, your need for security will determine what level is right for you.


  • Lock Weight: 1084g
  • Holder Weight: 174g
  • Lock Circumference: 90cm
  • Retail Price: $149.95


Heck, it even doubled as a motorcycle lock when I had to park my ride out side the shop for a few nights!

ABUS did provide this Bordo lock for review but that didn’t influence our opinion of the Centium. If you appreciate the finer things in life this might be the lock for you!

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