Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #64 – Saddle Drive, Call-ins and Ambassadors


Weekly Dose of Fat –  Show Number 64 – Friday, July 24th, 2015

This week it is Sven and JK in the studio with a few segments from Westward Ho, Gomez!

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On this week’s show:

  • We will be check in in with Gomez who has a couple of segments from his Field Trip
  • We will be taking call in guests all show to ask the question
    Do extreme adventures like attempts to cross Antarctica on a fat-bike inspire you or make you go, HUH?
  • We reveal next week’s Call-in question
  • We’ll talk fat-bike news with the Fatty Farm Field Report
  • And, as always, we’ve got Links

Next week’s Call in Question?

How do you feel about USA Cycling’s involvement with Fat-Bike Racing?

Welcome to this week’s Fatty Farm Field Report

Riverwest 24 is happening tonight. JK and Sven are on a team!

Mary Huff of the Down’s Syndrome Association of Minnesota told us about a raffle going on to support their iCan Bike Camp in the Twin Cities. The iCan Bike Camp is for individuals with a disability who want to learn to ride a two-wheel bike independently.

Check this out! The raffle is for a Salsa BearGrease 2 Fat Bike! The drawing is on Saturday, August 1st at the Shifting Gears for Down Syndrome event in Owatonna, MN. Only 100 tickets will be sold. Here is a link to the raffle information: http://www.dsamn.org/win-a-fat-bike-and-support-the-ican-shine-bike-camp/

Fat-bike Links

One of Gomez’s Favorite sites – Pedalingnowhere is now bikepacking.com.


Another ride and another video from the CoastKid

Plus the beginning of a 2-week vacay…

PlusBikes Links

Salsa Pony Rustler

Thanks again to Surly for sponsoring the radio portion of today’s broadcast. Join us next week where the question of the week is How do you feel about USA Cycling’s involvement with Fat-Bike Racing?

Say, Bye!