Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #48 – Pugsley World Champion Jeff O’Gara


Weekly Dose of Fat –  Show Number 48 – Pugsley World Champion – Jeff O’Gara

Sven and Gomez are joined by J.K. Livin in the studio for this show.

Our show is sponsored by Surly. You know Surly makes cool steel bikes, but did you know that you could save a hundred and fifty dollars clams off of one of their fun machines till the end of the March? Check out their Superfan Coupon – at  http://surlybikes.com

On this week’s show

  • Our Special Guest is Pugsley Whirrled Champion – Jeff O’Gara
  • We come to the the season finale’ of fat-bike dot com’s adult drama – Beards and Beer
  • We talk about the cure for Mud season

Beer Segment

This week’s Beards and Beer is sponsored by Uncle Dicks Bead Slip so each of our call in guests will receive a tin of UD Bead slip. – http://uncledicksbikeshop.com

Beer Talk – this week we clean out the Fat-bike Radio Cooler with samplings of Modelo Especial, Deschute’s Inversion IPA and Sierra Nevada’s Nooner Pilsner.

Uptowner Beard Contest Recap

Our IceBeard contest is on full swing and the entries are piling up higher than something that is relatively tall. Shoot a shot of that frozen beard on your mug and send it to sven@fat-bike.com with “icebeard” in the subject line. You’ve got until March 31st and we have some great prizes courtesy of our friends at Surly including Marge Lite Rims and Nate Ultralight Tires! LAst week Gomez brought in a Vibe Flask and Flask Cage for your ride so that means we’ve got prizes to 3rd place! Send us beards. – http://fat-bike.com/2015/03/fat-bike-coms-icebeard-contest/

The – Jeff O’gara interview

Weekly Dose of Internet Fat Intro

NAHBS 2016 will be hosted at the Sacramento Convention Center in Sacramento, CA, February 26-28. This will be the second time NAHBS has been in Sacramento, following an initial appearance in 2012.

Spring Thaw = Closed Trails. The cure? Beach Riding!

Chris Daisy from Zion Cyclery is running an event that fits the bill – The Big Fish Beach Ride!

We answer a question from Bill in Grand Rapids, MI. He is new to fat biking and looking for recommendations.

We updated all of the frame bag maker links on the site


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Thanks again to Surly for sponsoring the radio portion of today’s broadcast.