Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #40 – Rebecca Rush Interview


Weekly Dose of Fat Show #40 – Rebecca Rush Interview

Gomez and Sven are joined in the studio by J.K. Livin’ and Boo Bicycles own Adam Blake.

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Beard Report

On the show this week:

  • An Interview with Rebecca Rusch
  • Adam Blake is here in the studio
  • Sven is on his way to the Global Fat Bike summit in Wyoming
  • We to David Hunger from Teton Mountain Bike Tours – http://www.tetonmtbike.com
  • Gomez is headed to Alaska for the Big Fat Bike Fest and then Utah for fat-nats
  • We’ll be taking calls to qualify listeners to win a Megalith complete fatbike from State Bicycle Company
  • Plus, We announce the winner of the Snowdance Contest and award some fabulous fat-bike prizes!

From Beards to BEER!

Oscar Blues Ten Fidy

Beer Talk

Rebecca Rush Interview

Weekly Dose of Internet Fat

David Hunger Interview

Snow Dance Contest Winner is Adam Denton! Adam’s prize package includes Two Surly Clown Shoe Rims ( in Limited Edition Bronze Anno) along with, a pair of Surly’s Lou Tires and to keep things interesting, we’ll throw in a Surly Legacy T-Shirt, a PDW Winter Hat and a Surly Hip-Flask.

This Week’s Links

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Salsa Alternator Racks are now available in 190mm

Second place finisher, Neil Beltchenko wrote this up on JayP’s 200K Backyard Pursuit.

Danielle updates her blog

Prepare your flat kit

3 Pugs, all quite different

Fatbike Brigade Winter Rando#2: Hobble Creek, Right Fork

Life in a small town, on a bike, in the winter

Extra Small frame bags for XS 9:0:7

Race Report – Frosty Fat-bike Race #2: Sundance Night Race

Thanks again to Surly for sponsoring the radio portion of today’s broadcast.

Talk at y’all next week!