On the Road with Sven #1 – Tour de Towner – Ride Report and Interviews

Something a bit different this week; what with the shop moving and all! This is the first of, hopefully, many more episodes of On the Road with Sven. Pretty much a Man on the Street type show wherein  Sven rolls and then stops, banters a bit, and then continues on over the course of a ride. This particular day covers the Tour de Towner. The Tour de Towner bike ride happens twice a year on the Sunday before Memorial Day in the Spring and on the Sunday before Labor Day in the Fall. The ride heads out from the Uptowner on the corner of Center St. and Humboldt Blvd. in Milwaukee promptly on the days previously mentioned.

This year’s event saw a healthy attendance with the Milwaukee weather cooperating beautifully showcasing what is great about Milwaukee in the Spring. Temps were in the high 60’s to low 70’s. Perfect for a ride.

This podcast is a series of quick interviews and conversations at several stops along the ride. The Uptowner, Parkview Pub, the waterfall at Kletczh Park, Aliota’s on Hampton and Amorphic Beer.

Conversationalists and interviewees include Marcus, JK, and Lloyd. Others may have contributed! Beware the Mason jar of “Wound Dressing”!