May Day Mayhem Osage Iowa Photo Gallery

Puck and I headed to Osage, IA, via Decorah, for the May Day Mayhem Klunker event that was headquartered at Limestone Brewery in Osage. The event was a lot of fun and highlighted the growing trail system that Derek and Joe, as well as the rest of the trail crew, are building along the Cedar River and woven in with the multi-use Greenbelt and Harry Cook trails.

Besides the Klunker Race and the preceding tour of the trail system, The Mercury 3 played several sets with race organizer Derek Mauser sitting in on the drums for a bit! Plus, Chewey, Spinner and the Chewey’s Salon Chair Podcast Team did a live recording in amongst the Axe Throwers!

Part One of the Podcast features Limestone Brewery co-owner Tony Wynohrad and race organizer, Derek Mauser.

Part Two of the Podcast features race winner, Adam Blake, Sven, Dave Fuckin’ Lunz and probably more!

If you find yourself in North Central, IA, stop in at the Limestone to find out what’s happening with the riding. It will be worth it!

May Day Mayhem Osage Iowa Photo Gallery.