Full Spectrum Cycling #171 – ToAD Recap – Dual Leg Kickstands – Fatbikes on the Way!

Show #171 – Back in the ever evolving White Room With Black Curtains Studio at the Riverwest home of Everyday Cycles, join sven, JK and Tony for a rambling retelling of the past week. In sound and, in this post, pictures!

Talkin’ Schmack

  • Did you know that if you show up at Amorphic Brewing on a bike you get 2 bucks off a pint?
  • Opinion on a dual leg stand for Bass Boat?
  • Can Everyday Cycles get a dual leg stand?
    • URSUS
    • Pletscher
    • MSW
    • Velo Orange
  • How about all those naked riders?  Do you think they disinfected their seats and, if so, before, after or both? I saw them
  • ToAD race spectating
  • Last Burger at Klinger’s (last Berger too)
  • Staying with Chewey in Decorah.
  • The ass crack at Nomad
  • Ice cream truck at EDC
  • Who’s got a Large Ogre
  • What is this car?
Word House on The Beerliine
What Pontiac is this?

Dig?  https://velo-orange.com/products/neutrino-minivelo

Show Beer – Enlightened The Imperative -American Pale Ale

  • A concept created by Kant, The Categorical Imperative was an attempt to create a universal moral law based on pure reason and not individual motivations. He said that we should act only according to maxims that we’d want as universal laws. We believe beer should be universally enjoyed! Whatever principles you live by, we’re glad you’ve chosen this beer. This 6.0% ABV pale ale packs some tropical citrus and floral notes thanks to Mosaic hops.​
  • 6%ABV

Shit Worth Doin’

  • July 29th-30th – Riverwest 24 – Milwaukee, WI – https://www.riverwest24.com 
  • July 30th-31st – Wausau 24 – Wausau, WI – https://wausau24.com 
    • Wausau 24 is the largest 24 hour mountain bike race in the Midwest! We invite you to This is a locally owned race! Complete as many laps as you can!
  • August 20th – Single Speed USA – Decorah, IA
  • September 10th – Steel is Real Milwaukee??
  • October 8th – Single Speed Texas – (New Date!) https://www.facebook.com/SingleSpeedTexas/ 

Please consider getting something nice for yourself from the Everyday Cycles store!

Jim’s Wyatt Maverick
A refurbed Stumpy we did this week.
Dig those legs!


  • Large Schlick Cycles 29+ Custom Build
  • Wu-Tang Klunker from State Bicycles
  • Wu-Tang Singlespeed from State Bicycles
  • Large Schlick Tatanka, Orange.
  • Wyatt Medium Fatbike – Custom Powdercoat 
  • Schlick Fatbikes
  • Teesdale Road Frame and Fork – 54cm – Currently bare frame ready for paint or powder
  • Roll C:1 British Racing Green – Large
  • A bunch of Schlick Growler (Zen Bicycle Fabrications AR 45) frames for custom builds.
  • 29+ Schlick Cycles frames for custom builds
  • Contact info@everydaycycles.com

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