White Lightning – The Trigger Chain Cleaner

Our fat-bikes are subject to a lot of varying conditions and many of them, from snowy/slushy winter days to sunny beach rides, are unfriendly to the health of your chain. We will be looking at various chain cleaning systems over the next several months starting with the cleaner I’ve been using weekly for over a year, “The Trigger” from White Lightning.

The main reason I originally chose this system to replace my aging Park chain cleaner was because I LOVE White Lightning Clean Streak cleaner and this system attaches directly to a can of Clean Streak. It uses the cleaning power of Clean Streak plus the scrubbing action of a chain cleaner with self-contained brushes all in one!

The Trigger is really easy to use:

  • Place The Trigger over the chain, and close the lid of the chain cleaner with your trigger (index) finger.
  • Spray Clean Streak through the chain cleaner and onto the chain while backpedaling for a few crank revolutions.
  • Stop spraying, but continue to turn the crank in reverse for several more rotations.
  • You’ll have a clean chain in about 30 seconds!
  • The Clean Streak will dry by itself but I like to wipe the chain down too. It gives me a chance to inspect the chain and redo if necessary.
  • Relube with your favorite chain lube.

“The Trigger” Chain Cleaner kit includes a 12oz can of Clean Streak CFC-free aerosol degreaser and the Trigger attachment. Replacement cans of Clean Streak are available in 12oz and more economical 23oz versions.

Note that Clean Streak uses CFC-free, Ozone Safe Aerosol!

You can get the White Lightning Tirgger Chain Cleaner from: Jenson USA!

Replacement 23oz Can of White Lightning Clean Streak Aerosol.

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