Weekly Dose of Fat Show #97 – Special Guest Tim Berntson


Will Ross gets a congratulatory hug from 9:Zero:7 owner Jamie Stull after winning the Fat Bike Birkie!

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 97 – Friday, March 11th 2016

Sven, Gomez and JK are in the studio and are joined by phone with Tim Berntson fresh off his ITI 350 win for a bit of light conversation.

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On the show this week?

  • We Start the show off with the Event of The Week
  • We check in with the Fatty Farm Field Report brought to you Quiring Cycles.
  • We welcome the 2016 Iditarod Trail Invitational Champion – Mr. Tim Berntson
  • We’ll talk about our Spring Shearing Contest
  • And in our Special Segment we talk to Fat Bike Birkie Winner Will Ross

Chris Daisy calls in and talks about The Zion Fatty Spring Fling – An event for Chicago Fat-Bikers! It’s a Sunday beach ride plus whacky plans etc. – https://www.facebook.com/events/1241504099212708/


Special Guest – Tim Berntson

Our question of the week is, if there were a beach race in your area, what format would you like?

  • Short Course MTB
  • Beach Crit
  • Team Enduro
  • Fat-bike Beach Steeplechase

Fatty Farm Field Report

This week’s Fatty Farm Field Report is presented by Quiring Cycles. the Quiring triple B is the fattest ride on two wheels. Visit Quiring cycles dot net  to see the next level of bicycle exploration


The Spring Shearing of the Beards Contest

Sheared down to a quarter of an inch and the bounty weighed in grams. The person to guess closest wins everything in the prize package below.

Send us an email to sven@fat-bike.com to enter. Make sure to use the Subject: Jackass! The winners will be announced at our Century Show

We’ve gotten more prizes in this week from Surly (Large Marge rims) – Schlick Cycles (Northpaw rims) – RSD Bikes up in Canada (Hats, Shirts & Decals) along with some shirts from Framed bikes. Borealis sent us two water bottles and two T-shirts along with a buncha decals. We also have some stuff coming from Bontrager, Maxxis and maybe more

  • 100th Show Celebration April Fools Day – Live shearing of the beards
  • W&S Expo Beach Ride

Fat-bike Links

Will Ross’s Fat Bike Birkie race description.

Tim Johnson takes on Mt Washington on a fat-bike!

12 months of riding fat.

Fat Bike Birkie Coverage

The Old Pug rolls again

Tire Science – with charts and graphs


Sarma Naran Rims now available in custom colors

Special Segment

Last year The Will Ross was able to join us in the studio for a chat session just after his 1st Fat Bike Birkie win. Well, this year he has been racing his bike so much that he needed to get back to work in Alaska immediately after the Fat Bike Birkie but we caught up with him at the fat-bike.com / CAMBA After Party at the Sawmill and sat down for a little chat afther scoring win #2 besting the likes of Brad Bingham, Matt “the beard” Acker and Jeff Hall, let’s have a listen!

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