Weekly Dose of Fat Show #86 – Best of Interviews With Fat-bike Racing Women


Chris sent in this shot of 1st tracks on a freshly groomed trail north of Duluth, MN.  A light snowfall added to the fun!

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 86 – Friday, December 25th 2015

This week we’ve put a show together for you that features interviews with some of the fastest fat-bike racers in the world who also happen to be women.

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Our first encore interview comes from show #44 and features ITI champion and world record holder, Heather Best!

Our second segment is an interview with 45 NRTH Pro Rider April Morgan from show #41


Travis sent in this shot he got from Alan of Alan’s daughter Taylor on a Winter Solstice ride this week. We’re gaining daylight again!

Next up is an interview with the one and only Rebecca Rusch from show #40.

Last but not least, we’re going to close the show with an interview we did with Sonya Looney from show #39.

Next week we’ll share interviews with fat-bike champions in the Men’s elite division!

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