Weekly Dose of Fat Show #102 – Special Guest Ron “Chewey” Moffit and More

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The Imaginary Dose of Fat – Show Number 102 – May 6 2016

You’ve got Sven, Gomez and JK back on the air! We’ve got Chewey, Dan Fuhrman and Chris Daisy on the show as well.Good to be back ladies and gentlemen.

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On the show this week:

  • We chat the bike fat chat with Chewey
  • We check in with the Fatty Farm Field Report
  • We’ll take calls from our listener
  • Sven reveals the summer schedule
  • And finally…..We’ll visit with Dan Fuhrman to talk about Dan’s innovative approach to fat-bikes and trail building.


Special Guest – Chewey!

Fatty Farm Field Report

The Fatty Farm Field Report is brought to by Quiring Cycles  the Quiring triple B is the fattest ride on two wheels featuring the new generation of 5.05 inch tires. Visit Quiring cycles dot net to see the next level of bicycle exploration http://www.quiringcycles.net/

We start the FFFR with a question from one of our readers Jared Kaber from Colorado…

Last week we had a Gnarly photo of a large puncture a procedure from Michael A who left a comment on last week’s post.

Thoroughly stitch the hole closed with dual duty nylon thread for buttons and upholstery. Rubber cement over the stitches. Glue a large radial tire patch in place and let it cure completely.  Re-mount, add Stans fluid, and ride it. This technique has worked for me on about 8 different repairs to large sidewall cuts. When sewing the hole/cut closed, you can also glue and  stitch a small piece of an old sidewall for reinforcement, but it needs to be very thin so it does not interfere with gluing the radial tire patch over the repair. Its worked great for me and those tires still live today!

Fat-bike Links

An all-in-one, fully-mechanical hub that allows one to regulate the tire pressure on the go, as many times as you want.

A petition to urge Chris King to manufacture fat-bike hubs

Brother Bjorn made the AK Dispatch

The registration for the Fat-bike Birkie opened last Monday. The actual event date is Saturday, March 11th, 2017

Pix and words from a Scottish, Sunday ride

Ridin’ with the youth

We continue to learn that Fat Bike use is on the rise

68-year Old pedaling a fat-bike on the Great Divide trail

Plus Bike Links

Santa Cruz is going Plus Sized

ROTWILD R.X2 used three wheel size options: 27.5 (Trail), 27.5+ (Traction) and 29 (Transalp)

In Plus Bike News — Wolverines are still the the future of Backcountry Search and Rescue

The Boss –  aka: {bear 122} is one bad ass, facebooker

E-Bikes in the pro peloton

Special Segment – Dan Furman from Route 66 Bikes in Rolla, Missouri

Fund a feature link:
Forest City MTB Trails

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