Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #79 – Special Guest Anthony Cupaiuolo Talks About the Film Off the Beaten Path

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 79 – Friday, November 6th, 2015 – Special Guest Anthony Cupaiuolo

Photo by Anthony Cupaiuolo – First Tracks Productions

Sven, Gomez and JK Livin’ bring you today’s show with special guest Anthony Cupaiuolo from First Tracks Productions to talk about his upcoming fat-bike film, Off the Beaten Path.

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On the show this week.

  • We Start the show with the Event of the Week
  • We welcome Anthony Cupaiuolo
  • We take calls from our listeners and maybe, if we’re lucky, learn something about embrocation
  • Fat and Plus-Bike news in the Fatty Farm Field Report

The Event of the week is the Winter Color Fest on Global Fat Bike Day, which we all know is December 5th this year. Mr. Andy Bettinger tells us all about it!


Link to the Winter Color Fest for all of the details and get signed up – https://www.facebook.com/events/435588219967014/

SPECIAL GUEST – Anthony Cupaiuolo from First Tracks Productions

Fatty Farm Field Report

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Healing vibe out to Steve Fuller that broke 7 ribs, his collarbone and punctured his lung from a collision with a big buck – white tailed deer!

Fat Laruta is happn’n – https://www.facebook.com/FatLaRuta/

Fat-bike and Health link from Old Bear and Ward

Fat-bike Links

http://www.meriwethercycles.com/2015/10/27/dispelling-fat-itude/ – Best of all, the Fat Camp interview with Trek gets labeled as “great”!!

Whit at Meriweather is also building a pretty interesting 2XL bike for Mike Curiak: https://www.flickr.com/photos/meriwethercycles/22317380648/in/dateposted/ Scroll a bit and there are more pics of it while he is making it.

Pie Burner is the Saturday after Thanksgiving and is a Toys for Tots Donation ride

Testing out Death Rider’s gun mount

Riding with Bruce

Fat-bike mentioned in The New York Times

Plus Bike Links

Walt Works 29+

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