Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #76 – Special Guest – ITI Champion Kevin Breitenbach


Here is a taste of things to come! Robert Hood shot this photo of his wife riding their homemade fat-bike trail in Auburn, Wyoming last January.

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 76 – Friday, October 16th, 2015

Join Sven, Gomez and JK Livin’ for today’s show with special guest, and ITI champion, Kevin Breitenbach talking about keeping feet warm in the winter and a call-in from Mark Peterson about the Fat-bike Ogden Buffet (FBOB) event.

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On today’s show?

  • We talk winter Footwear with Kevin Breitenbach from the Ice Box of the North Fairbanks Alaska!
  • We take calls from our listeners and discuss the very fascinating subject of vapor barriers
  • We share Fat and Plus Bike news in the Fatty Farm Field Report
  • We may hear from our fat-bassadors to the Bahamas – sporting provocative european swimwear
  • And, this just in from the Cairo News Desk – We WILL have links at the end of the show


SPECIAL GUEST – Kevin Breitenbach

Theory of Vapor Barrier Liners

Call to action – write these guys an email telling asking them to make a kit for winter boots – http://www.retrofitz.com/index.html – make any shoe clipless?

Fatty Farm Field Report

Twenty Two Cycles out in Glenwood Springs Co, looks like they’re going through a reorganization. We did get a return to our inquiry to see if the rumors of their demise were true from Aaron Dallas – He Said “At the moment, Twenty2 Cycles is in limbo. The path will reveal itself shortly, stay tuned.”

What’s in the hopper for upcoming stories at fat-bike.com?

  • Surface 604 first look coming next week
  • Sent the Rever MTN1 brakes up to Kevin

What were some recent stories that people should know about?

  • Andrew the Maker Handmade Goods – Custom Frame Bag

Quiring build report impressions

Fat-bike Links

Adventure by Bike, that’s what Salsa says, Bike-sploring the Brooks Range in Alaska with Bretty Davis sure qualifies! Check out this 3 parter.

More posts with parts. These about Bruce’s Krampus

And a farewell to the British Vulcan aircraft

Check out Yonder Journal’s Iron Pass, Fat-bike, BC adventure, Dead Reckoning.

Ride Bikes. Travel. Do Good. The Bicycle Travel Merit Badge Nominations

Olov shares a video

Plusbike Links

Wheel Size is Dissected and Explained

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  1. Loved the talk about footwear.

    Totally agree on the need for protecting the toe box (technically you are preventing convective heat loss). I’ve been trying to fabricate a version of Power Grips with a toe cover that extends under the pedal base (think pogies for your feet). My prototypes worked well but they were made from Gorilla tape (heavy, stiff, and looked like crap). Been trying to use a fabric intended for RV and boats covers (rated down to -40C, thin, flexible, windproof, and cheap) but I can’t get the pattern correct.

    Also if you want to try vapor socks without spending the money: bread bags over a synthetic or silk liner sock work well. They don’t last and you have to make sure to get the bread crumbs out unless you want to start a science experiment.

  2. Re DT Swiss hubs:

    I ride them on my road/gravel/dirt bike and can attest to their durability and maintenance-free performance. I put over 20,000 km on mine with zero maintenance before the rear bearings went. When I took them apart the internals (ratchets and springs) were pristine and the factory grease hadn’t degraded. They are really well sealed (which makes them a bit tricky to take apart) and the parts are more robust than the other hubs I have worked on (e.g. Zipps which needed maintaining at least once a year to clean the pawls) so I agree they could be ideal for a fat bike.

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