Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show 75-Special Guest Scott Chambers from the Great Lakes Fatbike Series

Fatback Ambassador, Pat Smage, on his way to victory at the Urban Jungle Cross III

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 75 – Friday, October 9th, 2015 – Scott Chambers from the Great Lakes Fat-bike Series

Sven and Gomez in the studio with JK Livin’.

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On today’s show

  • We welcome this week’s special guest Scott Chambers from the Great Lakes Fat Bike Series
  • We will take calls from our listeners to ask Sven and Gomez ANYTHING!
  • Fat and Plus Bike news in the Fatty Farm Field Report
  • We may hear from our fat-bassadors to Slovinia – sporting provocative european swimwear
  • And, this just in from the New York News Desk – We WILL have links by the end of the show

Making a return engagement from our 1 year anniversary show, Anti Hero from Revolution Brewing. Amigo Evan


SPECIAL GUEST – Scott Chambers talks about the upcoming Great Lakes Fatbike Series race season.


Fatty Farm Field Report

Our Trek Farley 9.8 full carbon fatty came in this week for review.

Urban Jungle Cross III was dominated by Fat-bikes and the most dominant was Fatback Ambassador Pat Smage.

Milwaukee Santa Rampage has a date 12.05.2015. Same as Global Fat-bike Day so you can get two birds stoned with one rock.

The 2nd Annual Northland FatBike Rally date has been set for March 16th in the 2016 up there in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Fat-bike Links

Shorts Brewing Fat-Bike Race Series

Fat-Bike France –

Custom Gun Rack for a fat-bike

Dog mushing! Some fat-bikes in the fold. The final day of the Chugiak Dog Mushers Association’s Speedy Glass Dog Derby dryland championships.

Lots of Fat-bike beach ride pix from Bruce

Really Red Bull? Still going with the “Fat-bikes are a fad” thing?

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