Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #69 Dudes – Todd The Wild Man Lyons from SE Bikes is Special Guest


Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 69 – Friday, August 28th, 2015
Todd “The Wild Man” Lyons from SE Bikes is Special Guest

Sven Haamer, Tio Gomez and  Mr. JK Livin guide you through today’s show.

Fat-Bike Radio, and The Weekly Dose of Fat, is sponsored today by the Brand New Surly Wednesday and My Other Brother Darryl – tubless ready rims.  Learn more about getting rad at  http://surlybikes.com.

On this week’s show?

  • We will be taking call in guests all show to ask the question
    What is the annual fat-bike event you MOST look forward to?
  • This week’s special guest is Todd Lyons from SE Bikes
  • We reveal next week’s Call-in question
  • We’ll talk fat-bike and Plus Bike news in the Fatty Farm Field Report
  • And, as always, we’ve got fat and plus sized Links

Last week’s big winner on the show Evan Larsson, gave us the gift of beer! He sent us Pipeworks Brewing’s Unicorn Blood Hoppy Red Ale. Thanks Evan!

SPECIAL GUEST – Todd “The Wild Man” Lyons Joins us to talk about the Fat Ripper among other things.

Fatty Farm Field Report

Let’s revisit last week’s question and talk about the results! How would you upgrade your current fat-bike? Anyone change their answer from last week?

Scott VM

Jolly Rogers from down AZ way says call in with a report.

Fat-bike Links

Lightest full-sus Fat-bike?

One for the ladies

Deadly Nedly and the Fat-bike Nats in Outside Magazine

Combine a Fat-bike, a Hanebrink and an electric motor and what do you get?

And then there is the real Hanebrink!

Olov has a new photo project in Sweden

Tubeless fat-bike tire pressure formulas


Fat-bikes at the Fiddlin’ Fifty

CoastKid doin’ some work and showin’ off some pumpkin colored wheels

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