Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #66 – Special Guest Olov Stenlund from Sweden – Plus Call-ins


Ron Stawicki at the Wausau 24 – Photo by Beth Haupt

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 66 – Friday, August 7th, 2015

Sven and Gomez are joined in the studio by Mr. JK Livin

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On this week’s show:

  • We will be taking call in guests all show to ask the question
    If your fairy fat mother appeared and granted you one wish for Any existing new fat-bike – available right now – – which fat-bike would you ask for?
  • We have this week’s Special Guest – Olov Stenlund of Bike Life in Swedish Lapland
  • We reveal next week’s Call-in question
  • Fat-Man & Ronin! Episode?
  • We’ll talk fat-bike and Plus Bike news in the Fatty Farm Field Report
  • And, as always, we’ve got fat and plus sized Links


Special Guest Olov Stenlund from Sweden!

Olov’s event: The Swedish Lapland Bike Summit

Fat-Man and Ronin – Radio Cartoon 

Welcome to this week’s Fatty Farm Field Report

Revisit last week’s question and talk about the results

Polish Moon ride recap

Full moon ride in Two Rivers

Kewaunee beach exploring

Reforestation Camp riding on the Plus Bike

George Kapitz from Broken Spoke is planning what should be a great 3-race fat-bike series.

Report from Ian at Arabian Sand Bikes in Abu Dahbi and Check out this bit of video https://vimeo.com/60316882

RIP Sugs

Fat-bike Links

Olov gets famous!

Outside Magazine on Fat-bikes. Now a trend, not a fad?

Under Armour gets in to the Fat-Bike game…after a fashion

Annual COGGS summer fat-biking adventure and sea kayaking

Fat-Bike Enlightenment

Wanna know what some of your favorite winter fat-bike racers are up to in the summer?

JoBoo and kids getting ready for Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour Pedal

JoBoo’s Great River Energy Mesabi Trail Tour Pedal wrap up

Icebike History – Shared by Kevin Breitenbach

PlusBikes Links

29+ Travers Bikes Video

Bike Mag has a look at the Scott Scale 710 Plus Bike

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  1. sorry I couldn’t call in guys! would love to touch base another time regarding this year’s series and USAC silliness

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