Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #51 – Mike Herlinger of Club Ride


Weekly Dose of Fat –  Show Number 51 Friday, April Tenth, 2015

Gomez is calling in today and Sven is joined by J.K. Livin in the studio.

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On this week’s show

  • Our Special Guest is Mike Herlinger from Club Ride
  • Beer and beards
  • Weekly dose of Fat
  • Links from the interwebz

Beer and Beards

This week’s beer is a nod to Chief BlackHawk from Tyrena Brewing in Lake Mills, WI.

What’s up with beards?

This week’s Beards and Beer segment was sponsored by Uncle Dicks Bead Slip.
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Mike Herlinger Interview

Weekly Dose of Fat

Mike’s got a fat-bike!

Gomez and Sven are heading out to Sea Otter next week.


This is a super post on tubeless from Bruce the CoastKid. Bruce lives in an area of various bramble, Hawthorn and Buckthorn that give our aired up tires a spot of a problem.

Eric Parsons from Revelate Designs Interviews John Lackey and Kara Oney about the ITI

A great looking schlep to Knik Glacier featuring our old friend Josh Spice

Not your ordinary bikepacking list

Death Rider gets another Moonlander

Report on the 4th annual Winterbike Celebration in East Burke, Vermont.

Easter Weekend reports from Scotland

Drying some in Minnesota

Big Fish Beach Ride (from Zion Cyclery)

20 Things Men With Beards Are Sick Of Hearing

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