Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #45 – Chewie Interview


Weekly Dose of Fat –  Show Number 45 – Friday February 27th 2015

Sven and Gomez are hosting this show have got JK Livin in the studio.

JK – This show is sponsored by the Surly. Get some at http://surlybikes.com

On this week’s show

  • Beards and Beer
  • Wiseman or Wiseguy? Chewie is our special guest this evening
  • We give away two entries to the fat bike birkie
  • Gomez has a report from the race director of the ITI Kathi Merchant

Beer Segment

While we were up at Frostbike we picked up an 12 pack of Session Lager by Full Sail Brewing. We brought back the survivors

Beer Talk

Interview with Chewie about the Pugsley World Championships as well as SSAZ and 24 Hours of Old Pueblo wrap up.

Weekly Dose of Internet Fat

Gomez has a report from Katharina Merchant the race director of the Iditirod Trail Invitational.


Fat-Bike Commuter

Surly Catalog Covers Part 2

Freewheel Fat Bike Thursday Nights (MPLS)

Why you can’t get your precious (Blank)

Gomez’s link of the week – Team SnowBike Enduro Recap*

Every Arrowhead 135 Story Compiled in one location

*Sven’s link of the week – First fat-biking exploration ride on this Trippy Island

Danielle Musto’s Frozen 40 race report


Decorah Human Powered Trails has a new Snow Hawk for fat-bike trail grooming. Check out the video.

Carver Gnarvester and plans for Tour Divide

CoastKid is a postin’

JoBoo stomps in the woods

Thanks again to Surly for sponsoring the radio portion of today’s broadcast. Surly Bicycles are sold at better bicycle retailers and service centers around the globe.


  1. You guys need to get a flight booked to Edinburgh Airport- pronounced `Edinburg` by you guys 🙂
    Then a pre booked Hire car from the Airport will in 25 miles east on the A1 road take you to North Berwick- a Victorian Seaside holiday town, where if you have a look around you should find some local Fatbike riders drinking beer outside a pub with some guys from Surly bikes… or easier still just follow them and we will see you here on the coast!


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