Weekly Dose of Fat Radio – Show #39 – Sonya Looney Interview

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 39 – Sonya Looney Interview

Sven & Gomez are joined by J.K. Livin’ in the RW Studio today.

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This week on the show

  • Special Guest Sonya Looney
  • The beard report
  • Fat-Bike Prom?
  • We start to qualify listeners to win a State Bicycle Company Megalith Fat-Bike
  • some links for y’all
  • and beer

The first beer stop

J.K. picked up Alaskan Brewery’s Freerider APA with rad snowboard and bike pix on the 6-pack! Freerider sports a 5.3& ABV and gathers an 84 over at Beer Advocate = a “Good” rating from 432 or so clicks. Check out Alaskan Brewing Company at – http://www.alaskanbeer.com

Interview with Pro Racer and recent Fat-bike convert Sonya Looney

Weekly Dose of Internet Fat

This week we’re going to continue on with our ‘awards season’ theme and ask Sven Gomez and our Call-in guests What was the best fat-bike event of 2014?

Call in guests to Fat-bike Radio’s Weekly Dose of Fat Radio Show, through the February 4th program will be entered in a drawing to win a State Bicycle Megalith Fat-bike! Check it out at – http://www.statebicycle.com/collections/off-road-division-bikes-fat-bike


Call in Segment

Weekly Dose Links

Here’s some good news – Sarma USA lowered the pricing on the Naran 100mm carbon rims.  They’re now $1,200 per set! – http://us.sarmabikes.com

Frosty Bottoms Race Report

Pugsley Worlds – Same day as Fat bike Birkie – Now I’ve got a conundrum!

Tracey Petervary and tips on gearing up for JayP’s Backyard Pursuit

JoBoo and snow and frozen water

Using fat-bikes for their intended purpose

Report on Frosty’s Fat-bike Race Series #1 from the Nordic Valle Ski Resort in Eden, UT

Stormy in the UK and a wee bit windy

Fat-bike Randonee #2 coming up tomorrow.

GRIMBA report

Building wheels for a Pug


Fat-bike.com in the mainstream media swinging cats


Thanks to Surly for sponsoring the radio portion of today’s broadcast.

Let’s go for a ride


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