Weekly Dose of Fat – Happy New Year Edition – Show #37 – 1-2-15


Weekly Dose of Fat – Show #37 – Revisiting our interview with Ned Overend –  1-2-15

This week’s show, as always, is sponsored by Surly Bikes. Ring in the New Year with a new ride from Surly! You can always check them out at http://surlybikes.com.


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JoBoo’s New Year’s Day Fat-bike Ride


Jonas from Arvika, Sweden sent in this sweet shot from an early morning ride in the southwestpart of Sweden in a place called Arvika. Jonas says:

My fatbike is my number one choice for the trails nowadays and it is riding on the trails that is the really fun part with the large tires. It brings confidence and joy over roots and stones.

This year winter started a bit late in Sweden but now when it´s here it feels even more welcome with frozen lakes and white trails to follow in the forest. The photo was taken in the morning on Christmas Day, just before a lake appears and everything is just dead silent since it´s a couple of kilometers from nearest house. Those minutes of perfect conditions gives you a lot of energy back. The section for the photo is a narrow curvy trail just meters beside the lake. Wow, it´s a great feeling going on the granny chainring with the low sun looking through the trees here and there.

If you have sweet photos of your fat-bike ride, send them in to greg@fat-bike.com and we will try to help you get them seen!