Weekly Dose of Fat – 6-28-14 – with Wyatt Hrudka – Show #10


Weekly Dose of Fat – June 28th, 2014 – Show #10

Surly Bikes is sponsoring this show and our amigos from Surly want you to know that bikes are still fun!


Fat-bike Radio has been heard in over 35 countries!

How about a warm welcome for the fat-bike radio band and their leader – Chris Daisy!!!! Chris isn’t just the fat bike radio band leader – He also runs Zion Cyclery.

Beer Segment – In which we discuss beer…

Becker Sewing Ad – www.facebook.com/beckerdesign or www.beckergear.com.

Wyatt Hrudka Interview

The Test Kitchen


Another reader contributed feature we love to hear about our Reader’s Rides. Do you have a rig you are proud of? How about shooting some pix writing some words and letting our readers check out your creativity.

Thanks again to our sponsor – Surly Bikes – Surly Bikes are what you kids call ‘Rad!’

We’ll be introducing a new contest on Monday.

Be sure to listen next week, when we welcome Bill Fleming from 907 to the show