Weekly Dose of Fat – 5-24-14 – with Adam Blake – Show #5


Weekly Dose of Fat – 5-24-14 – Show #5


This week’s show is sponsored by Surly. There’s a bit of anti dis establishmentarianism in every spoonful of Surly Bikes. Check them out at  – http://surlybikes.com

This week’s show is sponsored by Surly.  http://surlybikes.com

On the show today

  • We’ve got some site enhancements to talk about
  • We have Adam Blake aka Fattie Lumpkin from Boo bikes as a special telephone guest.
  •  Vacation plans that include fatbiking
  • New rigs in the Test Kitchen, Surly Ice Cream Truck and Borealis Echo with Boingy Bluto Action
  • and, of course, BEER!

Last week we introduced a new segment where we talk a bit about beer so let’s continue the tradition…

Today we are drinking Lakefront Brewery’s Riverwest Stein.

  • It is a Milwaukee Brewery that got it’s start right down the street from our studio
  • Stein has always been Sven’s go-to beer especially when I get to a pub with overwhelming choices. I’ll often just go for it right off the bat while I peruse the list for choice 2
  • Since we had Colin on the show last week, and he works at Lakefront making said beer, it seemed like a good tie in.

Good stuff. It is a German-style lager that has a bit of sweetness and is 5.6% alcohol by volume.

What’s new with the site?

This here Weekly Dose of Fat Show is now on the iTunes Store! Simply open the iTunes Store and search for “fatbike”. We’d love it if you would subscribe to get all the newest episodes of our show delivered right to your computing device.

Fat-bike.com on iTunes – https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/fat-bike-radio/id879831971?mt=2

Notice the “Send Voicemail” tab on the bottom, right side of this page!. Click on it, leave us a message and you may hear your comments on the next show! Here is another link to the voicemail app right inline!

Remember that contest we announced a couple of week’s ago? Now that we’ve made it easy for you to record messages, we’ll resurrect the fat-bike radio promo contest. All you have to do is utilize our new voice mail feature and record a fat-bike radio promo. It could go something like this.

Adam from Boo radio promo

We’ll pick a winner from all of the entries and that winner’s promo will get aired on next week’s show.

Prizes? The winner gets 2 of our new Black Ops Patches, a custom made cycling cap and a Wolf-Tooth Components Bottle opener brake rotor turning do-dad.

One entry per person – the most creative entry has the best chance to WIN!

Adam Blake New Bike Interview

Zion Cyclery Ad

Vacation Plans

In mid to late June it’s off to Virginia and then on to Cape Cod. If you are on Cape Cod and have local knowledge of the beaches. Shoot me a note to sven@fat-bike.com

Trip two is all biz with a bunch of fun thrown in! Heading west through Iowa, South Dakota, Wyoming and Colorado stopping to visit friends and scope out some of the companies that are into fat-biking along the way. Final destination is the Saddle Drive event in Utah to check out the latest from the Q-Mothership.

I just came back from some beachsploration of Coastal Norte del Carolina – If I can mention a little plug for the 3 part series we just published about it called Beach Slacker Rodeo.

Gomez is going to Gnome-Fest in Platucky.

Sometime this summer Gomez is hitching up the trailer and taking his wife and dogs on an adventure to either Maine or The UP. The shores of Superior are calling.

Test Kitchen

Beach ride last Sunday – Testing Atlas Pedals and Vee Tire Bulldozer

We saw a Prototype of the Sun Mule FÜT 80 rim that we had an intro story about on the site last a few days ago.

We have a 4 man team racing the Borealis Echo at the Wisconsin Endurance Series race at the Southern Kettle Moraine, Emma Carlin Trails.

The Sarma Hoboy Carbon Fork it does what a fork should, is nice and light and the looks get compliments every time I ride. What’s not to like?

Gomez executed his  sub 24 hour overnight using the Apidura bags – a 45 north Dillinger 5 front tire and a Paul Component Engineering stem cap hi-rise light mount.

Thanks to Surly for sponsoring this show. Go over there to surlybikes.com and see what they’ve got that you need.


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  1. Thanks for having me on guys- I’ll be sure to get you a write-up and some pictures ASAP. It was my pleasure- hopefully I can come on again in the future.

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