Weekly Dose of Fat – 5-10-14 – Show #3

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We are going to move the Weekly Dose of Fat to Saturday’s for a while to give us a chance to spend a bit more time putting together the radio show.

Weekly Dose of Fat, Show #3 for May 10th, 2014

Intro – Gomez and Sven

We changed it up a bit this week to feature commentary on news that we’ve read or heard about over the past week that relates t0 fat-bikes.

This week is brought to you by Surly Bikes – Surly makes bikes and parts that don’t suck

Congrats to a couple of Amigos

Jon Severson has taken over as the US Distributor for Singular Cycles. They are the maker of the Puffin and the Rooster 29+ as well as.

Fattie Lumpkin, AKA Adam Blake has been named the new General Manager of Boo Bicycles in Fort Collins, CO. Boo has a bus full of demo bikes on it’s way out to California to demo bikes at the Tour of California – Check out the web-page for this month’s Boo Bus Stop Schedule.

boo bus
Fattie Lumpkin Testimonial

News from the interwebs and readers just like you.

Bike Radar recently had a story about a 20lb fat-bike.


Jade Cycles helped sponsor this show.

We got to thinking about the relevance of the oldest fat-bikes still manufactured the Surly Pugsley and whether it is still relevant in the era of light weight carbon bikes and suspension equipped fatties.

Speaking of Rohloff equipped fat-bikes Cycle Monkey had a story on their blog about a recently built Rohloff/Belt Drive Pug.


Joe, JoBoo, Sacco from the Iron Range in Minnesota reminds us that the future of fat-biking really has a human face!


Test kitchen

  • A pair of RaceFace Atlas pedals just arrived and are going into the testing rotation.
  • I mentioned last week that I’ve been riding Club Ride gear -A RECENT beach ride with a 2 foot deep stream crossing showed how quickly the Rale pants dry as it probably wasn’t 3 minutes before wet legs were a memory.
  • We are going to be testing some new bags from a UK company called Apidura.
  • And Adam from Broealis has promised us a new Bluto equipped Echo quiver killer fat-bike for testing.

Thanks again to our show sponsor, Surly, check them out at SURLYBIKES.COM

Talk to you next week!

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