Turnagain Releases Extended Temperature Range Seal Kit for the RockShox Bluto


COLORADO SPRINGS, CO— Turnagain Fat Bike Components, a subsidiary of The Fat Bike Company, is launching its new Extended Temperature Range – ETR Seal Kit designed for the RockShox Bluto fat-bike fork. After extensive testing and months of real­‐world riding, Turnagain Components is thrilled to announce they will begin shipping these aftermarket kits right away on complete bikes from its partner brand, Borealis Bikes.

The RockShox Bluto fork has been revolutionary for the fat-bike industry and truly allows riders to conquer more terrain than ever before on a bicycle. However, after riding numerous prototypes of the RockShox Bluto fork, the guys at The Fat Bike Company realized the fork had one major flaw­‐ it is not reliable in cold weather. While fat-bikes are becoming more and more of a year‐round bicycle, many riders still focus the majority of their time riding fat-bikes in snow. Having the ability to reliably use a suspension fork in cold weather snow bike riding, yet still rallying your fat-bike in the hot summer months with a Bluto up front was the inspiration to create this seal kit.

Rockshox forks are rated to function perfectly above 32vdegrees Fahrenheit, are known to have some performance issue down to 10 degrees Fahrenheit and are not recommended at all for temperatures below 10 degrees Fahrenheit. The new ETR Seal Kit makes all that go away giving the rider full confidence in year-round ridability in all temperatures.

After lab testing the new seals for compatibility, Turnagain worked with a group of riders out of Gold Stream Sports in Fairbanks, Alaska – one of the coldest places on earth with riders who seem to not ever notice. After logging hundreds of hours on Bluto forks with the Turnagain ETR seals in temperatures down to the minus 20s, Tyso Flaharty stated, “It is amazing how much more control and speed I have on my fat-bike when I am riding through tussoks and other frozen obstacles in the trail.”

Th ETR seal kits will be available to ship installed in Bluto forks on complete Borealis Echo bikes immediately. Aftermarket kits are available to preorder now and an established bike retail store is authorized to purchase these. Aftermarket kits will ship before the end of the year to dealers everywhere. Price will be $55 retail for the kit. For more information, check out www.TurnagainComponents.com and www.fatbike.com

The Fat Bike Company can be contacted at info@fatbike.com or  320­‐FAT‐BIKE.