The Pittsburgh Fat-bike Scene is Growing

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Contributor Mark Peterson hit up his friend Tim in Pittsburgh for a story that would share a bit about the fat-bike scene there.

Words by Tim Droschak

Pittsburgh is a really cool city to live in! It’s pretty much right in the middle of all of the places that I like to ride. Just 10 minutes from my house and you can be on some very good trails in no time. I basically get to ride the best of both worlds and my riding scene varies in many different ways, from trail riding to urban riding and my bikes of choice for both scenes are my Salsa Mukluk and a Specialized Fat Boy.

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When I ride around my city I am constantly looking for anything and everything to ride, from outdoor bike parks to street riding and even setting up my own obstacles to ride.

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When I get tired of the Urban Assault, I can ride or drive and be on some of the best MTB trails around in no time. So, my riding styles vary from a BMX/Street Style, to a Mountain Biker that flows through trails. I feel that because of this diversity I’m able to see things that most people wouldn’t even think can be ridden as far as the urban scene goes. I’ve met a lot of people through mountain biking that decided to get a fat bike based on them seeing what can be done on a fat bike other than just riding through the woods or on the trails, fat bikes really can be ridden just like any other type of bike, and it can be ridden in more ways that just pedaling around.

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I like to push the capabilities of my bike and seeing what I can do on it, with a little self-confidence I feel that most people would find themselves using their fat-bikes in so many more ways. The Pittsburgh fat-bike scene is pretty diverse there are so many parks with mountain bike trails and bike parks, indoor and outdoor someone is always trying to organize group rides as often as possible just to get people out to ride together. The more people come out the more I hear after the ride how much they want to get a fat bike so the scene is growing and its gonna get bigger and bigger.

Thanks for the report, Tim! If you’ve got a fat-bike story form your area, we’d sure like to hear about shoot me a note to and we’ll make you famous!



  1. Was that second picture with the rocks South Park?

    I finally got my first Fatbike and while riding around South Park I ran into a group of 4 guys all riding fatbikes,its pretty cool how fast this is growing.

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