Sarma Introduces First 100mm Carbon Rims – The Naran 100


After receiving a lot of good feedback about their existing 80mm Naran rims, Sarma is working fast on a wider, 100mm version of the Naran Carbon Fatbike rim.

You are probably already familiar with the promise of carbon as a bike material, lighter, stronger, faster, and now, wider!


Sarma’s experience with the development of the Naran 80 has shown them that double wall construction is the best current approach. If you are interested in the design/engineering process that led to the Naran 80 and has continued with the Naran 100, read more about it here The article is quite technical and extensive, as well as being written by a non-native English speaker, but is a great look into the process of bringing advanced carbon technology to market.


The new 100mm rims have similar design to the existing Naran 80, but some improvements in their design and carbon technology have been introduced in the manufacturing process. We also received information from Dmitry that improvements in design and materials will be rolled into the Naran 80mm rims too. The next generation of Naran 80 rims will have the same weight, but higher durability. Dmitry mentioned that the existing rims are already very durable but their goal is continuous improvement as part of their company’s ideology.

Naran 100 Rims will be available in two types of drilling:

  • Centered – 32 holes
  • Universal – 64 holes
  • 36 and 72 hole drillings on request

Exact availability dates are not set but Sarma are working hard to get it available as soon as possible! We will keep you posted.


  1. It’s nice to see a product, that is truely designed talored to what the people want, rather than just a carbon fiber version, of an existing metal shape. I sure would like a pair of these…

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