Sarma Announces New 80mm Carbon Fat-bike Rim


Sarma, a new player in the fat-bike game, sent us an announcement about their upcoming 80mm Carbon Fat-bike Rim called the Naran. With a projected availability in Mid-December, these could make a few fat-bikers happy over the Holiday season!

We are also working on a set for review so we will let you know how that is coming along. Happy trails!

Below is the Release from Sarma

We are pleased to announce our first product – carbon fiber rims for fat-bikes – called the Naran 80.


The Naran 80 carbon rims were designed via 3d CAD software and analyzed by Finite Elements Method (FEM) and have a weight of 650g and dual-wall construction. This construction represents the optimal ratio between weight and durability. This ratio was derived from many computer modeling tests as well as real-world product testing. According to initial tests, our Composite rim provides greater torsional stiffness than aluminum ones. Naran rims have a special bead lock and perform wonderfully on super-low pressure tubes. These rims are tubeless ready as well.


This is the first carbon rim for fat-bikes with a dual spoke hole pattern, meaning that it is suitable for both offset and centered wheels. For this reason, most existing bikes can be upgraded to achieve weight reduction take advantage of tubeless wheels!

Sarma Bikes is a young but ambitious international company, with close ties to the aerospace industry who create composite aggregates for airplanes in Russia. Our headquarters are in Hong Kong


  • Width: 80 mm
  • Weight: 650g
  • Number of Holes: 64 (for 32h Hubs)
  • 3 different options of drilling
    – universal (current pictures) 64 holes
    – symmetrical +\- 5mm, 32 holes
    – offset, drilling on 1 side only, 32 holes
  • Spoke holes offset: ± 11 mm
  • Compatible with tubeless rims
  • ERD: 534 mm
  • ERTRO: 559 mm
  • Drilled for Presta valve
  • Available in Mid-December
  • $390 per rim, $750 pair



  1. Nathan, couldn’t agree more! Enough is enough with the outrageous prices for anything carbon. I get the R&D costs as well but I would venture to guess that that R&D costs aren’t even as much as we think they are. I mean, the work for most rims has already been done. The only thing to do now is make them wider for fatties and able to be built out of carbon.

    I guess compared to the 1500 for a set of Borealis rims, these are priced really well. However, a set of clown shoe rims could easily set you back close to 500 so i guess compared to that maybe not so bad.

  2. I assume you’d need to plug the extra holes. Not a big deal with single wall rims, but being hollow they aren’t going to stay very light for long if you’re riding in water and mud.

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