Reader’s Ride(s) – Mike’s Pivot LES Fat


ED – Since we haven’t been able to secure one of Pivot’s LES Fats for extended testing, I was keeping my eyes open for one of our readers who has one and Mike from down Illinois way obliged with the short story below. Mike rides fat-bikes all year long spending his time riding/exploring trails in NW Illinois and Southern Wisconsin when he’s not riding gravel. Let’s check out the LES Fat!

I have been riding fat bikes for the last 5 years. My trusty, old Pugsley and I have had our fair share of adventures. One day I came home from work to find that my rapidly growing 13-year old son had taken possession of my aging fat-bike. Based on the smile on my son’s face, I knew that I was never getting my Pugsley back. Perfect time for an upgrade!

In January of this year, I saw the press release for the Pivot LES Fat. It looked killer! I knew that any fat-bike designed/made by Chris Cocalis was going to be amazing. I still ride the titanium hardtail that he made for me 20+ years ago. I quickly put in my order and anxiously awaited its arrival.


My super-bike arrived in May. My ace mechanic, Ari got it assembled and ready for action. The bike is set up with the XO1 build kit from Pivot. I am not an expert on the latest components but I can say that everything on my fatty works perfectly. The SRAM drivetrain has worked great in all of my favorite (extra messy) riding conditions. The Avid Guide brakes are a huge upgrade over my old mechanical set-up. I am very impressed with the Mulelfut wheels and Maxxis Mammoth (4”) tires. I am a pretty big guy and they have stood up to everything that I have thrown at them.

The ride on my Pivot is just plain ridiculous. Any of my friends who have taken it out agree. It is the best overall bike I have ever ridden. It is fast, responsive, and very smooth. Out on the single track, it easily goes wherever I point it. Even though my off-road skills aren’t the best, my Pivot makes me want to hit the trails whenever possible.


So far this year, I have ridden it on gravel, dirt, and mud. It has been a blast! Since winter is right around the corner, I have just gone tubeless and upgraded to bigger tires. The new 5-ish” Maxxis prototypes ride great and float over almost anything. Bring on the snow!

The Pivot LES Fat might not be the easiest bike to find but it is definitely worth the wait. Have fun out there.



  1. What’s it weigh? I can’t find that listed anywhere. Also did you go stock wheels or upgrade?

  2. I am currently on a 9 month leave from work and my wife and I are on a MTB’ing holiday. We have ridden our Pivot Les Fat everywhere. I love it. We ride trails from Severed Dyck on the N Shore of Vancouver, to Gooseberry Mesa in Hurricane, Utah and everything in between. Hi-Line in Sedona, Horsethief in Grand Junction, doesn’t matter, this bikes rides it all. One bike to rule them all! We did put on the Bluto forks and upgraded one set of tires to the DT Swiss wheel set. I have since switched my wife to the 27.5 WTB’s Scrappers with the 2.8 Trailblazers. She rides them now and likes them as she is on the smaller side and the 4′ Maxxis where a little tough on her. I have dinged the DT Swiss rims, while the MuleFut’s are true and strong! I have been thinking about adding the BodyFloat seat post to my ride. I may never ride 2.3’s again. Viva La Fat!!

  3. Can you comment on frame size? I am 5’11” and ride specialized in large but pivot stand over height is high. Is pivot medium on larger side?

    • Look at the VTT – Virtual top tube measurement on the bike that you ride and compare that to the pivot’s VTT.

      • I ride specialized camber carbon comp but also fat boy carbon in large was better. But les fat stand over is more than 32″ and fat boy is less than 31″ if I remember. I will try to put two frame drawings next to each other and see

        • Update- The medium is perfect. I like the bike even it had some funny carbon fork that doesn’t have straight line but jade some angle which creates funny steering feel.

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