Oddity Cycles Custom Fat-bike


Burnsey from Oddity out Fort Collins way sent us this phot of his new custom fat-bike along with the following description.

So, The Fat-bike – We don’t have a name for it yet. I call it the Sex Machine…but that’s prolly not gonna stick 🙂

The idea with this build was to create an Oddity style frame, which means curvy tubes and one-of-a-kind looks with specific functionality. We try to push the limits on what we can do, what is accepted by the masses and what a specific bike might be originally designed for, and tweak things to make it individual and soley a one-off build. A dream bike prehaps.

We wanted the fat-bike to do well in ALL conditions, not just snow or sand, but here in Colorado’s Front Range, we ride big tires year-round; on dirt, rock, sand, snow and the like. Most fat-bikes we’d experienced had the typical sluggish feel and self-steering thing. We wanted something fast that turned like a 29er and bombed hills like you’re being chased by Oprah, naked.

We like curves and strive to build a functional work of art. A bike that compromises nothing. This is Burnsey’s personnal bike:

  • Singlespeed
  • Short chainstays (16 3/4″)
  • Our reverse-bend seat stays (ultra trail compliant)
  • Curved seat tube and TI setback post puts you IN the bike, not ON the bike.
  • Super slack top-tube for standover comfort while incorporating the seat tube/top tube bridge bent-in.
  • An aggressive yet elegant look, somewhat Mad Max-ish we’ve been told.
  • Rolling Black Sheep TI Post, Mountain Mustache Bar and Custom Faith fork which adds to the Cadillac-type ride you get on this rigid beast.
  • Velocity Dually rims knock the meat of the Surly Bud & Lou’s down to a comfortable and trail-slaying profile, while setting up tubeless with a hand-pump forst try makes us wonder why we’d ever went with anything wider (as far as a rim goes).
  • Industry Nine where you need quick response time.
  • King Headset for reliability and our favorate cog from Endless.
  • Color is our stock ‘Bassboat TI’, which is a speacial clear-sparkle over polished and etched steel.
  • Handmade one-at-a-time in Fort Collins, CO. by the SingleSpeedPirate, Burnsey.

Check Oddity out here – http://odditycycles.blogspot.com

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  1. This makes me moist! Moist like a cupcake fresh out of the oven and into my man panties. She. Is. A. Beaut. Clark!

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