New Handlebar from Jeff Jones


Jeff Jones has been a proponent of the more swept shape of his Hoop and Cut H-Bars for over 10 years and more than a few fat-bikers are using them for their fat-bike adventures.


Now, Jeff Jones is getting back to basics, back to the beginning, with a twist. Well, with a Bend. The Bend H-bar!

The original Jones concept, the 45° sweep but the bend, where it is, ensures shifters and levers are a simple fit and the one piece butted aluminum construction delivers a bar 170g lighter than a Loop. Less hand position options, less stuff-mounting space, marginally less stiff but all you might ever need in an H-bar. No more, no less. The Jones Bend H-bar.


Jeff says, “The bikes I ride for long distances or at night have the Loop H-Bars so I have more hand positions and mounting points. The Bend H-bar is nice for bikes that don’t need things attached to the front of the bar (light, GPS, etc.) or an aero position. I am using the Bend H-bar on my single-track day riding bikes – it’s great.”

  • 660mm width (center to center)
  • 45° sweep
  • 0.5” (13mm) rise / drop
  • Weights (with bar plugs) 328g
  • Aluminum Price (finish) $85 Aluminum (anodized black, silver)


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