New 2015 Salsa Blackborow from SaddleDrive


We will be checking this new Expidetion Fat-bike from Salsa, called the Blackborow, later today at Saddle Drive in Utah. Meanwhile, here is a peek at what this new fat-bike is all about.

2015 Salsa Blackborow
Off-Road Exploration / Ultimate Flotation / Off-Road Expedition

Blackborow is Salsa’s expedition fatbike, designed to provide maximum flotation on soft surfaces.

Designed around the 5-inch tire platform, Blackborow will keep you riding as long as possible when surface conditions would typically say otherwise. Salsa made made no drivetrain durability compromises when designing Blackborow.

The frame features 196mm symmetrical rear-wheel spacing and 136mm bottom bracket spacing to create a drivetrain with a proper mountain bike chainline. The Surly OD crankset provides durable, widely spaced bottom bracket bearings.


Alternator Dropouts allow you to run geared or singlespeed. For those that are interested in going singlespeed right from the start, we offer the Blackborow SS. Three-Pack braze-ons expand your carrying capacity, or add the Alternator 190 Rack to run rear panniers.

The world seems to get a bit smaller every day, but it’s still a big place. If getting off the grid and exploring the unknown interests you, Blackborow is your bike.


  • Complete Bikes MSRP Blackborow 1, Metallic Gray $2,799.00
  • Blackborow Dinglespeed, Forest Service Green $2,299.00
  • Frames MSRP Blackborow Frameset, Metallic Gray $950.00



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  1. I figured that would be coming. By the numbers, seems like a bit longer TT than the Mukluk which is cool. However, not a big fan of those colors. The minty green is OK, but the grey one looks like a low end Trek.
    All in all, cool bikes, but I’m glad I went with the ice cream truck. Now I just need to get it in my hands!

  2. It figures; Just when I start getting dialed dialing on our Pugsley, they bring out a bike in MY color, Forest Service Green. Love it, but they will probably change the color before I can get one.

  3. So it’s the dog days of summer and everyone is hiding out in basements trying to stay cool….and longing for more info on this winter machine. More demo ride reports? Comparison to other 190 rides? Weight compared to Muk? Delivery news?

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