Mukluk Ride in New York!

salsa muklukAlex sent in this ride report from New York, Thanks, Alex! Commence report now:

Hit the great 909 Pleasant Valley, NY on the Mukluk 2 Sunday. It was my first real ride on her.

The trails are looking great! Super effort by everyone involved in the clean up. We had bad snow damage early October. It topped many of the oaks which still had leaves on them, affecting every trail. Thank you!

The Mukluk is the most fun bike ever! I was supposed to take it easy, especially with my wrist injury from a Thanksgiving race. I couldn’t control myself. Just wanted to keep ridding! She burned right over the frost, iced mud, and the rough wash out of the infamous Gut trail. Road some sections better than my 22 lb 29er race bike! Unbelievable fun! After years of ridding at one of my favorite trail systems, it brought fresh life to it.

Gearing on the Mukluk was a 32-tooth front with I guess a 12-34 rear. Cleared everything! Flickable with a surprising tight turning radius. I did get her sideways on one DH. But otherwise like taking a hum-vee into the woods. Once she has momentum, WATCH OUT! I might want to swap the front rotor for a 180. Also looking to swap the Endomorph rear for a Nate. The 17deg backsweep super wide bars are total different than my race bike, but still wicked fun. Going to also add some bar mitts and I’m ready to make winter my be-ouch! Looks like I’m going to have a crazy amount of fun on her! More cushin’ better pushin’!

I was lucky enough to get one of the Mukluk 2’s from my long sponsorĀ