Live! It’s The Weekly Dose of Fat Show #100 – Sov from Surly Reveals the Pug’s Fate! Plus JP LaMere

Weekly Dose of Fat – Show Number 100 – Friday, April First!  2016

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This week Sven, Gomez and JK bring you a special Show 100 edition of the Weekly Dose of Fat live from Milwaukee’s Eastside! We welcome Sov from The Official Intergalactic Surly Regional HQ for a Q and A where he drops the Bomb on the fate of the Pugsley! JP LaMere from LaMere Cycles talks about the Dopamine, their new full-suspension fat-bike. Plus, we’ve got music from Smooth Evil and El Wrongo!

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We’d like to Thank the folks that helped tonight happen.

  • Surly has been our Show Sponsor from the very beginning and lent us Sov and Paul plus provided raffle prizes
  • Reeb Cycles and Oskar Blues Brewery is provided libations
  • Fyxation, our neighbor here in Milwaukee
  • Zion Cyclery supported the show with Music
  • Schlick Cycles, RSD Bikes, Borealis Fat Bikes,

Beer Break!

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Special Guest #1 – Eric Sovern

Let’s take another Beer Break Here!

Band Jam

Fatty Farm Field Report

Special Guest #2 –  Mr. JP LaMere

the Dopamine in virtual reality (sorta)
the Dopamine in virtual reality (sorta)

Fat-bike Links

Hanging around after the ITI

Fat-bike Bikepacking the Alaska Range on the ITI in 3 parts

show100 (7)

Nice collection of ITI photos

From the Coast Kid!

Early Sunday Morning

Spring Thaw in the Iron Range

Can a Fat-bike help you lose weight?

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  1. I tuned to find the FATE of Surly pugsley but instead it sounds like I tuned into a bad David Letterman show. Never did find out pugsleys fate.

    • We’ve always aspired to be a bad version of the Conan O’brien Show. The fate of the pug is in there.

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